Monday, August 05, 2013

'Earn Up To $20 a Day' Using This Method

This tutorial will teach you how to earn money online with the one of the best PTC or Paid to Click sites which is Probux. You can earn money with this site by just clicking ads, Yes, by just clicking some ads, and you have a four ads everyday and you need to view them 30 seconds each ads, so it will only take 2 minutes of your whole day. I think that it will not affect your time, You will only spend two minutes and you will earn money? Not bad eh?.

So maybe you're little confused this time, 'how can I get my ads?, I want them to click them now!'. Whoao, take easy and just lean you back on your chair and get your coffee, on below of my article you will see the tutorial on how to do this.

The secret in this way to earn money which is Paid to Click is more patience and diligence, if you have these two requirements, you will surely earn money in this type of money making online. Okay I will now give you the step by step process on how to do this, just see the below steps. Just need to register first in Probux if you don't have account yet by clicking here, but if you have an account on Probux already you can proceed immediately on the Step. After registering you can now proceed to the step below.

Step by Step Process

1. Your Account is Unique You Can Only register Once Using your IP so take care of your account.
2. If you don't want to do Tasks it's okay you will ADS clicking.
3. Click Ads Everyday until you to gain $0.60 in your account.
4. Once you have the amount use it to Rent your First 3 Referrals this time you will be gaining $0.070 per day not bad if you ask me but still it's too small amount to gain.
5. Earn Another $0.60 in your account you will earn it still by clicking ads everyday for you to have the credits of your rented referrals click.
Note. You will not earn from your rented referrals if you don't click so you need to click everyday.
6. Use again your second $0.60 earning to another set of referrals you should end up having 6 rented referrals this time your earnings will be around $0.10 to $0.11+ per day.
7. Earn your 3rd $0.60 for you to buy another set of referrals.
Note. You need 7 days gap period on renting referrals again so you need to wait by that time you have the required amount.
8. At last rent your 3rd set of referrals using what you earned you feel that its a lot more faster now to earn.


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